Onboarding: Procurement at York University - [OBEPRO]

June 15, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Via Zoom
Glenda Charlton

Learn about how York University conducts the procurement process and who has responsibility for acquisitions on behalf of one's department.

In this session, you will gain an understanding of:

  • the various roles and responsibilities of all parties throughout the procurement cycle;
  • how to achieve fair market and best value when purchasing for York University;
  • the various types of payment options and when to apply them;
  • the importance of compliance;
  • how to identify and minimize risk;
  • the functions of Procurement Services and how we can assist with the procuring of goods and services;
  • the various laws and regulations that impact the procurement process including the Competition Act, Competitive Bidding Law and Contract Law; and
  • internal policies, procedures and guidelines, with emphasis on the Signing Authority Register, the Non-Competitive Procurement process and Conflict of Interest.

Note:  All attendees are requested to review and read the following websites prior to attending the workshop:

  • Procurement Services http://www.yorku.ca/procurement/
  • University Policy on the Procurement of Goods and Services http://www.yorku.ca/secretariat/policies/document.php?document=27
  • Procedure for the Procurement of Goods and Services http://www.yorku.ca/univsec/policies/document.php?document=58

Who Should Attend:  This session is for all levels of employees; from those seeking foundational learning, to building on their existing capabilities, to those wishing to expand their knowledge and skills about procurement and related services at York.

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